Look! A painting!

Yes, I got a bit of time for painting!!!  Just a few hours but more to come!!!

This is on Thormanby island, looking west.  All about sun, sand, and sparkly water.

Not a very big painting, just 8×8, but it felt so good.  I’m very impatient to get back to do another.  Had intentions to adopt the painting a day –or almost a day–  way of doing things for the summer and just get my momentum back,  and maybe I’ll still get there when I get a little more caught up on other work, but for now I’m mostly still staring at my easel with longing, although when I did get to sit down in front of it the other day it took a bit of time before we made up and got comfortable with each other again.  I got up a lot and paced around.  Seem to have lost a bit of ground in the concentration department!

That’s OK. It’s firmly summer now, and there’s tons to distract. (And inspire.)

Look at those colours!!!!!


So what do you think???

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