Apparently beach stuff is the inspiration of the moment (and most of the time)

I was a bit out of sorts from a much too early waking, so I painted myself happier.  A few little guys.  Blue seemed to be the colour of the day, and I must have been feeling a little square.

First one:  needs something.  But mostly it was a warm up.  On the actual night it was cold and damp, explaining the huddle on the dock.  Wasn’t sure whether to try to make it look cold and wet, or pretend it was a gorgeous summer night.  Not sure what I ended up doing in the end!  I think maybe I need to add in a voracious pack of sharks or dolphins or something in the upper left.

Second one:  a redo of one I painted last fall.  Always looked unfinished and sterile.  Had fun playing with the colours a bit more.

Third one:  happy sigh.  The colours of this island are always so striking.  Puts me right there painting them.


So what do you think???

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