Little stuff

Teensy things.  Nice to get in so small.  I love those teeny polka dot crabs, although this one has had a bad time.  The white dots are actually specks of sand.

I worked on a bigger canvas, 16 x 20 I think.  Sometimes I do wish I had a bit more patience to go in and smooth a bit.  I used to think I was one of the most patient people in the world but that’s just not true. Or at least not true anymore.  I could spend the longest time with little ones reading books or staring at big machines on a construction site, no time frame, there till it was time to move on.  But now I seem to take living in the minute a little too far.  I’m right here, right now, not sure what’s next, have to scratch my head at what was a while ago, really need to keep going!  Not always helpful in getting a painting finished.  As I work on it I can feel the clock ticking in my head and at some point I really need to just leave it.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to make that work for me. I don’t think it’s changing any time soon.  My eldest thinks I’ve developed ADHD late in life, but it could just be the chai caffeine.

But patience at doing things aside, I can still be still.  Sitting at the beach, staring at the water and whoever has decided to swim/fly/crawl past, feeling pleasantly small, I can just be still.

To see a world in a grain of sand,  and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.  (William Blake)


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