Beach green

Had a chance to get away with my youngest and enjoy the company of some dear moms and daughters.  A lovely rejuvenating time.  Enabled me to meet two new beaches which both took my breath away.  I loved how greens found their way into almost every shot.  That vibrant yellowy green that distracts me.  

I took a billion (no, really, it was a billion) pictures and started to drool when I got home and looked at them up on the screen.  Lots of painting inspiration there.  I love the colours of the washed out driftwood, the dark pebbles, and that green.  That fabulous fabulous green.

The rocks at both were spectacular, and I lost a few hours at one just playing with them, making patterns and sorting them into different colours, and just holding them in my hands.  I used mostly rocks with green bits for this heart.  The really bright one is a ringer:  sea glass.

I almost fell off the cliff looking at this mix of rusty bark, paler bark underside, and green trunk peeking through.  A yummy pistachio green.  I love the curls of the bark, too!

The blues are also pretty nice on the Coast, of course, and made even better paired with the silvers and grays of the logs on the beach.  This immense whole tree — the end shown here was what was left of the roots, taller than me, and the trunk stretched up the beach a crazy distance — was so washed out that it was like a huge white dinosaur skeleton on the beach.  It made me feel like I had to tip toe past it, not because I felt like it was going to wake up and snap at me but because it felt like I was walking through a cemetery and should show some respect.   Look how gorgeous the blues of the islands are beside the silvery white of the wood.  No green here.  Still pretty yummy.

So now I’m relaxed, feeling ten years younger from time spent with friends , drinking wine by candlelight under the stars, walking the logs and breathing in the salt, and I’m dying to get to some painting.   Very inspired by the time away and the colours and sights, not quite so much by the catch up stuff.  Which would I rather be doing? Painting or researching a new dishwasher to replace the old lemon??

Never mind, I’m rejuvenated and grounded and filled up with beach energy of a different sort than that gained from my own amazing beach.  Next post a painting, I hope.

2 Responses to “Beach green”

  1. icelandpenny

    Jennifer, what an amazing combination of photos and narrative! I particularly resonate with all the texture and, especially especially, the stones-and-seaweed images. I can smell the air…

    • jennifertan47

      Oh that was so nice to read. Thank you. You know what’s funny? I had just looked at your site yesterday and read your post about your visit to Vancouver. All of your gorgeous photos of the North Shore. That’s where I am, except around the corner a bit more. I knew exactly where you were standing when you took the photos of the kayaks in Deep Cove. We were kind of doing the same thing. Thanks for your kind comment.


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