So stinking much to learn!

Still working on this one.  I know, I always say that.  And most of the time I never go back and finish things.  But that’s because my little brain is racing around so fast trying to figure this stuff out!  Always so many things I want to try, so  many things I’ve learned, so many things (so many things!!) still to learn.  By the time I do go back to finish things up on some I’ve already moved on.

But this one is different.  Those cliffs are still waiting to show off their stuff.  Gulp.  I’m responsible for them doing that, aren’t I???

This one is fairly big, 18″ x 36″.  Trying out some different things with mixing colours.  Having amassed a pretty good collection of tubes of different colours I’m now going back to just using a few to mix everything.  Looking for more interesting grays and seeing if I can avoid using black.  I cheated a little on that.  Hard to get off of that black addiction.  Up until very recently I always started from a black canvas, so you can see I’ve come a long way.  (Not that I won’t still do that some, and I’d also like to experiment some more with other starting colours.)

So much to learn!!

Would also like to get back to some of this.  Just some nice loose sketching.  With all that time in September.  Arg.


So what do you think???

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