Big art

My crew heading to check out this amazing piece of public art, Freezing water #7 by Jun Ren, in Vanier Park, Vancouver.The colour of the grass is proof of what a glorious warm dry summer we’ve had.  Not everyone’s cup of tea but isn’t it pretty against the green tree and the blues of the water and the light sky?  Don’t worry.  That grass will be green before you know it, when the fall downpours start.  Also known as “soccer season.”  (Not a complaint!  I’ve missed it and around here soccer often comes with cold wet sidelines, but it’s well worth it.)Not sure this was advisable or even legal but I did envy him. My middlest.  On a gorgeous summer night.

I love that there’s something about  this piece that makes you not be able to not want to touch it.  Somewhere my grammar teacher from high school just shuddered.  But do you see what I mean?  One more thing that I thought was great about it.  When asked what we thought it “was” or represented we each had a completely different idea. Very very inspiring and fun.

I took a few hours to do some painting on the holiday and went back to revisit an old one.  Think I might be on a better path for it but not quite ready to show. Coming soon!


So what do you think???

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