Change of seasons?

I woke up to these:  soggy beach towels.  Misty water.  Could I have …gasp…. had my final swim?  (Not if I do that Thanksgiving swim I’m thinking over, but I won’t think about that now.)

First rain in week and weeks.  It does sort of look nice on the glass doesn’t it?  And those guys in the back are sighing with relief as the water girl (yes, me) has been a little sporadic lately.  Whatever.

It’s funny how the mood changes with the weather, at least when the weather change feels like a season change .  I woke up wondering if there was a hockey game tonight (which there sadly sadly isn’t… don’t get me started… go Canucks go… sob) and wanting to clean up my room.

My mom just spilled her coffee.

Which is fair enough.

Miz M and I had our first weekly painting time yesterday and it was fabulous!!  We eased back into it so as not to sprain any important painting muscles or bruise anything.  I did this one, which is the view lying on my beach looking up.  Good one to work on today, maybe with the odd whimper.  I guess it’s the first day of fall today, isn’t it? Or tomorrow?

Only problem is deciding which way is up.

I painted it this way:

But this is my view:

Still some work to be done.  How do you show in a painting how wonderful it feels to be there?

I’ll give it a shot, on this gray day.


6 Responses to “Change of seasons?”

  1. icelandpenny

    IOh yes, change of seasons! I particularly like the photo of rain-shimmered glasses. Just back from our Rideau Valley holiday (thank you for your wonderful comment), and will now swap summer hats for winter, bring up fall/winter coats and mitts, arrange for the gas fireplace to be cleaned and turned on… Leaves here in Toronto just starting, in isolated patches, to change, but soon there’ll be that moment when Mother Nature snaps her fingers and everything turns over.

    • jennifertan47

      It’s amazing how fast it changes isn’t it? Yesterday I was able to reclaim the dry again towels and head to the beach for a bit late in the afternoon. I did some journal writing and wondered if I’d actually go in the water but in the end it was so warm I did, and it was great. In fact I went in twice. Like late August water, cold but not brain numbing. A total bonus. The big seal popped up and looked at me while I was writing a few times as if what are you still doing here? I hoped he’d come past while I was in the water but even if he’d wanted to I wasn’t there that long!
      Thanks for you comment and looking forward to your next adventure.

  2. kbvollmarblog

    I do like those changes from one season to the other, that`s life, isn`t it? And did you notice too how the different seasons inspire you for different projects? It`s a change of quality on every level. I am a autumn and winter person loving cold winds and snow (which does hardly ever fall at the North-Norfolk coast). That`s my time for writing in front of the open fire, a time of cosiness. In autumn I usually have to travel: Frankfurt Bookfair and lecture tour. Going by train through the coloured woods is great.
    But now I am in Berlin where I enjoy an Indian summer right now.
    Lots of love from “on the road”

    • jennifertan47

      You’re so right. I’m switching over and sliding into fall thinking that I need to lighten everything, and have the type of energy I get so rarely that wants to go through the house and get rid of everything extra that I can, so that I can slip through winter simply and calmly. Does that make sense? I love your image of writing in front of a fire. That will have to go on my things to do in winter list. For a bit the other day it looked like the fireplace might be out of commission when a woodpecker flew down the chimney but we got that all sorted eventually.
      Hope you’re feeling better and better after surgery!

  3. kbvollmarblog

    Dear Jennifer,
    thanks a lot I am fine and fit again. And I can rest one more week before I go to the Frankfurt Bookfair. Funny, I did clean out my house, too, before I left for the continent. Amazing how much trash I did find – and I am living on my own!
    I had birds flying down my chimney as well a couple of years ago. I got up to my chimney – quite fearfully – and covered it with chicken wire. Now it`s fine.
    I wish you a relaxing evening
    Klausbernd from the gardenhouse in Berlin

    • jennifertan47

      The bird was so much better than what we thought! But yes, chicken wire is a good idea and maybe in the future of this chimney. My roof is so high up though that definitely won’t be a job for me. Good for you for braving it!


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