Spot the difference

Do these look very different to you? Yeah, me neither.  Man this painting business is haaaaard!

I was thrilled to carve out a few hours for painting and decided to go back to this old one from the spring.  I had known it wasn’t finished then and since I’ve been painting a bit different lately I wanted to go back and see what I could bring to it.

Not as much as I thought.

It’s a bit different I guess, but no closer to being done.  Which bites when painting time is so rare right now.  I think I’m totally intimidated by the subject too.  It’s so hard to get past trying to make it look like her and add something new.

Oh well, I really like the sun on the back of her head.  So I’ll hang onto that.


One Response to “Spot the difference”

  1. icelandpenny

    Hi Jennifer, I really enjoy your art and your commentaries, and have just nominated you for a Silver Quill Bloggers Award. You can read more about it in my own post for today, 26 September.


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