Scary stuff

So something a little scary but fabulous happened.  Laura, who owns a wonderful store nearby, is going to (hopefully) sell some of my paintings there.  Yay!!!  I’ll post a bit more when we’ve got it figured out but for now it was fun and terrifying laying things out on my dining room table trying to figure out what should go.  I’m very very grateful for the opportunity, even if my palms are a bit sweaty at the thought.  Too much information?

And running around in my head is the thought, “Good!  I can paint more!”

Scout, one of my favourite models, has celebrated the news by draping herself artistically and hopefully across things with expectations that I’ll get painting her again.  It’s been a while but it feels a little worrying having too many paintings of your cat around!  She was trying hard here but really she could be heard cursing a little in cat-aganese over the cushions.  They were raining on her parade a little, interfering with her lines, preventing her from showing her best side.  She sort of looks like she’s stuffed.

I am having a hard time trying to learn how to sell paintings, especially to friends.  It feels funny.  I find myself leaning towards bartering, and in my mind’s eye there’s a scene of me standing in the middle of piles of cookies, and fruit, and maybe the odd chicken or goat, happily waving goodbye to paintings.  Luckily I have lovely bossy friends that are adamant that that’s not ok!  I’m working on it.

I saw this sign up on a bulletin board by the school gym yesterday.   Not much else to say, is there?  My new favourite reminder.


4 Responses to “Scary stuff”

  1. Linda

    I promise that when I finally get the chickens I have been wanting for years that I will consider bartering. In the meantime, I am totally in love with my new painting bought the good old fashioned way! Linda


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