Lalli Loves It!

My boots left my easel and went directly to Lalli Loves It, a wonderful store in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver.  I feel so lucky to see some of my paintings in such a wonderful setting.  And guess what?  That’s their first time away from home!   Laura has the best eye for finding and arranging treasures and we spent a fun few hours moving things around.  She has good stuff!  Nope, that’s too general.  She has intriguing, playful, sentimental, exquisite stuff.  After watching her work her magic, finding the perfect spots for things, I  finally sneaked my own way into her front window when she was helping a customer.  Oh my goodness.  I loved it up there!!!  I have sort of big feet  — oh it’s OK.  I’m tall.  If they weren’t big I’d fall over more than I do — and I had to be very careful of all of Laura’s finds, but that aside I took my moment!

My raven was happy to find himself around witchy things.

Ravens are a love or hate thing, aren’t they?  Same with crows.  I love them.  When I was away up the Coast a few weeks ago there were a few around who are used to being on their own, and they talked a different language than the ones around my house.  They somehow made their voice echo and run, and reverberate like the pebbles in a rain stick.  Such a conversational, inquisitive sound.  One sounded like it was speaking directly to me,  in a burbling hollow voice, but I think really it was checking out the dog.  I think if I lived on an island like that with the ravens I would find myself talking to them a lot,  sharing my deepest secrets with them and probably expecting to hear their wisdom over it all.  They’re that kind of creature.  Old souls for sure.

I like how my paintings, which are sort of chunky and bright and rough, go so well with Laura’s vintage finds, which are refined and sometimes muted and subtle.  That was a nice surprise how well they went together.  I worried those boots  — the painting, not the fabulous ones above — might be coming back home with me without getting their chance away from home.  I’d actually love the ones above to come home with me, but these particular ones are for stepsisters with feet smaller than mine!  No Cinderella moment for me there, but there are lots of others to choose from.

If you live nearby come see Laura’s amazing store and my paintings.  I’m extremely excited to have them out in the world for the first time, and think Laura is magnificent  — yes, magnificent  — for suggesting it!

So what do you think???

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