Paint stuff

So the last couple of weeks have been sort of wonderful in the painting arena.  I’ve had friends buy a number of paintings from me, and I’ve had the opportunity to have my paintings in a local fabulous store, Lalli Loves It!  And last week two of them sold!  So now I’ve sold to people I don’t know too, and let me just say that I love them!  I hope they’re all happy with their new painting.  Laura, the owner of the store, is very very good about telling me about the people who bought them.  The paintings are sort of like my puppies.  I want to know they’re going to be happy!  And so far I’m blessed because all of those puppies have ended up with nice people.

Last night I was at a university volleyball game of all places.  I love where my kids’ interests end up getting me.  I watched an amazing on-the-edge-of-your-seat-finish game, and all for $5.

In the middle of the game I got a text telling me that My Boots had sold.  Remember them?

Yes possibly, as this painting got blog-time a few times because I loved it!  It was that puppy that just wiggles in a little closer.   (This picture of it was so so.  It’s getting so dark during the day now that it’s hard getting  a good shot without using the flash.)  I’ve been wanting to try painting them bigger so now I think I will, knowing this one has gone to a new home.

I was so thrilled to get the news and in turn texted my biggest because he’s very good about letting me burble.  I looked down at my feet at those same boots and pondered the fact that the painting of the boots had sold for a fair bit more than the real ones had cost me.  So my biggest kid — and have I said just how much I like this guy? — came back with the thought that I should buy an expensive pair and paint them and see if the trend continues.   I like the way he thinks!

At the end of the summer I saw a pair of boots on a half price table that were evilly cool, but they were still stinky expensive.  I thought my way up and down and around them, but there was no way I could possibly justify buying them, even though there was only one pair and they were my size.  Sob.  They were the type of boots that I knew I’d have and wear for the rest of my days.  Just classics.  And they would have been so great to paint.  They’re long gone by now but still call to me. Sigh. Whenever talk turns to boots my eldest knows me well enough to know I’m still fondling those ones in my mind.

(In a brief sideline, look how one of the resident puss-in-boots has learned to fold herself in half.  She turns her fuzzy mass into a small black line drawing.  Very creative.)

It was another busy week in my other painting life ( but I spent an evening painting something to submit for the 8th Annual Anonymous Art Show put on as a fundraiser by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council.  Today was the deadline to submit but Miz M and I were heading over there yesterday to get ours in — she pulled off three really fabulous ones — and I woke up with the need to paint just one more.  One of the submission requirements is that the paint is actually dry and I might have cut that one a bit close.   I’m dying to post both paintings here but since all artwork accepted into the show must be anonymous so that the purchaser doesn’t know whose artwork they’ve got until it actually comes down off the wall I had better not.  Once it opens I’ll take some pictures.  It’s such a beautiful display, all of the 8x8s submitted by hundreds of artists hanging lined up on the wall like jewels.  It opens November 22.

A very fun couple of weeks in painting for sure.  Off soon to another wet soccer sideline, especially wet today, but maybe tonight I’ll get back to it, unless the couch and a good movie grabs my wet tired self and makes me stay.  My mind is buzzing with canvases to work on now.  Loving this creative life.


6 Responses to “Paint stuff”

  1. Dina

    I love this post, Jennifer! The first picture is so … delicious in the colours and texture, great work.
    Grretings to from the other side.

    Love from Klausbernd and

    • jennifertan47

      Thanks Dina. I snorted a laugh when I saw your comment because I had forgotten to give it a title.
      I take your comment as a huge compliment as your posts show that you have such a good eye for things like colour and texture. Thank you very much. Hope you’re both well after your busy month!


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