One more

Actually there’s one more I was working on, but it’s at a stinker stage so I’ll keep that one to myself for now!  This one is going to have some more work on it too but I like the liveliness in it.  Crows.  I like their sassy ways.

All this painting was because of a long weekend — four school-less days in a row — and a girl who was feeling tired and wimpy and wanting to lie around arranged on the couch watching movies.  Two boys busy with their own stuff.  A rare Friday night soccer game which left Saturday open and beckoning.  The end of a productive work week ( after which I needed to go back to this different type of painting.  I painted so much and so happily that on Monday I woke up and for the first time in ages felt created out.  Well not really, but it wasn’t pushing and niggling at me like usual.  I’m always trying to get something out it seems.  In a good way.

I often have chunks of time waiting on kids and such and I always stuff a couple of books in my bag so that I can choose the appropriate one and either sketch, or design, or doodle, or write in a journal, or write down things I’m grateful for.  I never know which I’m going to be pulled towards doing so I have to take at least a couple just in case.   Monday night I sat in my car and went to pull out one of the books and instead I just sat.  I felt blissfully done on the creating front.

Just for a bit.  By the end of the hour I had grabbed a doodle book and was off and running on a new design for my needlepoint.  Bliss!


4 Responses to “One more”

  1. SnowfoxBandit

    GORGEOUS! Seriously, how much do you sell artwork for? Is there a broke college girl layaway plan? 🙂

    I love the sketch/grateful/journal bag, too. I always have a notebook handy lately, but it’s more for to-do lists or “things I want to learn/investigate someday when I have time” than fun stuff. I’ll have to make an effort to put more of the fun stuff into it!

    • jennifertan47

      There’s always a broke college girl layaway plan!!

      The “I’ll have to make an effort” part sounds suspiciously like a “should”. You have to do what works for you. I’m liking this mixed bag of books so I can leak out whatever needs leaking out right then…. drawings, or thoughts, or angsts. (Should be a word.) (Maybe it is??) I like jumping around.

      Miz Snow Bandit, your timing was excellent today!! Just when I needed a boost on painting. Thank you!!!!!

  2. kellisamson

    I love these sassy crows. When the image came up on my screen, I drew in my breath and smiled.
    And we creative types are always itching to get something OUT, aren’t we? And we are never satiated for long! I love reading that. Well done!


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