Pomegranate pink

I always have to stop and think: pomegranate or persimmon?

I love them both.  This one is a pomegranate.  It’s big and bright and fun.  Third time I’ve painted this one, actually.  First quite small, then bigger, and now 24″x24″.  Every time I’m at my art supply store I drool over the big canvases, both the ones that I can see me painting on now, the 30 x 30s and 30 x 48s, and then the really huge ones.  The ones that don’t go on sale.  The ones I’m not even sure would fit in my car.  Oh yum, though.  Yum yum yum.

There’s a huge board in my garage, about 4′ x 8′ I think.  I’m thinking about it.

I did a little bit more on this one after I took the picture, got that stem thing looking better, but as always these days the sun got too low and yellow and the picture I took wasn’t right.  Am I going to have to figure out a copy stand?  I’m not helping the stereotype that we Canadians are in the cold and dark most of the year.

And for you not Canadians just south of here, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Around here we celebrate ours in early October (I swam, I swam, I swam!!)  but I have a new Thanksgiving blessing tomorrow in the form of lovely American neighbours willing to share their day and their turkey dinner.  Oh yum!


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