Brush again

Like it?  Last January I painted the one down below there but I’ve been looking at it recently and thinking it was missing something.  A theme lately.  My paintings all get nervous and worried when I line them up and start looking them over.  Who’s next???

Today felt like it was the day to go back and take another run at this one, using the looser brush strokes I’ve been playing with.  What do you think?  Better?  I think it is, and as I write that I’m wondering if I would post it if I went back and worked on one and it turned into a stinker.  Hmmm.  Have to think about that.  I want to say yes.  Sort of.

But I think this one is better now, although I do like the paint bits on the handles in the old one.  In better light I may go back and try to re-add some of that.  It’s certainly more representative of my brushes.  I should be hauled in for cruelty to brushes.  They spend most of their life sitting in dirty paint water because I’m …. wait for it…… going to be right back to paint some more!   Sometimes for days I’m going to be right back.  All the paint on the handles cracks off.  Scandalous treatment.  I don’t mind how scruffy they look though.  I’m more comfortable around scruffy I think.

8 Responses to “Brush again”

  1. Dina

    Dear Jennifer,
    what a lovely post! Your paint brushes are so vividly inviting that I’d like to brush away right now.
    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from Dublin Airport

    • jennifertan47

      Thanks Dina. You are always so kind. I hope Ireland has been a restful but fun time for you both. So fun seeing Ireland come up in my stats. The pictures of the library were incredible!! If you have a little bit of traveling left enjoy it, and looking forward to hearing about it maybe?


  2. jav3d

    Beautiful work Jennifer! I think it looks more expressive now and therefore attracts more.
    Very well done indeed!

  3. Kimberly Madison

    Amazing how a little time gives perspective. The revisions you’ve made to the paint brushes add so much more depth! Before, they were only paintbrushes on display, but now I’m wondering what those brushes painted! Great job.

    • jennifertan47

      That was so amazing to read. Thank you!!! I actually teared up a little because that’s what I’d love to be able to do and am working on figuring out. You really gave me a boost there, and I especially appreciate it from you, who puts such soul into all of your photographs.

  4. Kimberly Madison

    Well, if your objective was to add soul to your paintings, you achieved your goal! I see the painter as no different than a writer. Both are attempting to convey some inner, driving emotion. When a writer is in the throes of inspired writing, nothing matters to them other than committing those words to paper as evidenced by the ink stains on their fingers. When I see these brushes, I’m convinced something defining happened in this painter’s life that preceded those color smears. Comparing your revisions to the original, It’s almost like you initially painted for others to enjoy but you made those changes for YOU because that is you. They are magnificent!

    • jennifertan47

      Honestly, you couldn’t have made me happier, reading that. Thank you SO much. Your words touched my heart and fit what I’d like to be able to do. I get the ink stains on fingers, and my hands after painting are a mess (a happy mess). What is the equivalent with your photography? A happy grin at knowing you’ve caught the shot?


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