These guys

You might remember these guys.  I went on to paint a much bigger one showing all of the bench they’re on.  I still have to go back in and do detail on the crows on that one, and I’m hesitating because I liked how it went so much on these two.  Bit of pressure to repeat.

These two gentlemen will not be coming home, I’m delighted to say.  They’ve gone to live at someone else’s home because that someone bought them! This smaller canvas was one of my entries at the Anonymous Art Show in North Vancouver and I was thrilled to find out that it sold opening night!  Look at that red dot!!


10 Responses to “These guys”

  1. shielingfarm

    GOOOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Wow that is awesome. Sorry I have not been back in touch recently. I have let myself get too busy. I will write this week. I am so proud of your efforts. You really are my inspiration these days.

    • jennifertan47

      Thank you!! You’re making me glow! You know you’re a HUGE inspiration to me so isn’t that cool that you we could inspire each other from our different spots on this trip! Your words mean so much to me.
      Don’t worry, I know you’re out there and I think your show is probably happening about now? Excited to hear about it and your class when things settle down! I get the busy thing!!!


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