Squint a little, OK?

Oh I know, I know!  Awful picture!!!  Do you want to know why?  I was trying to take a picture of it up here in dark winter Canada and the polar bear I was steadying my camera on was shivering!  True story!!!

If you sort of squint a little it’s not so bad.

The painting looks so much better in real life!

Well this is why I’m putting a blurry photo up.  I painted it a few weeks ago to enter in the Anonymous Art Show in North Vancouver and finished it on the day it was being submitted, which was a dark dark day.  I don’t know, did the sun even come up?  And the reason why I’m not going to have a better picture of it is that it sold today!  Gone gone gone!    I’m thrilled!  Thank you to you who bought it!  It was the second time I painted those boots — in between the green backed ones and the orange backed ones — and it was the teensiest of them to fit the rules of the show, and I’m very happy my boots caught your eye!

Especially since the green one sold, and now the pink one sold, and the orange one is staying with me at least for now and has found a home on my living room wall, so I think I get to paint another one, don’t you?  Just because I’m obsessed.  My boot security blanket.  Could be worse!


4 Responses to “Squint a little, OK?”

    • jennifertan47

      Which is awesome as I feel like I’d like to paint them a few more times. I’ve been ogling a 30″ x 30″ canvas at the store. Haven’t jumped yet but I think it has to happen!


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