A couple of posts back I was writing about my recent habit of going back and repainting older paintings that I’d never been quite satisfied with or knew I could do better now, and I was wondering if I did that and the result was not as good… less better… a stinker … whether I’d fess up and post it here.

I knew I shouldn’t have written that.


Here is what I did a few months back.  It’s just a little teensy one, and at first I really liked it and then over time it looked a bit dull to me.  Not very lively.  To be fair (she says, not at all defensive) this photo helped it out by adding a nice shine, which is what the painting was missing on its own.

I figured I’d go back in and use the more playful brushstrokes I’ve been liking.

Still a bit dull. Huh.

So after painting and staring and scratching  my head I got something sharp and started scratching in and prying off.

Oh ho ho, I’m so clever, I thought to myself.  (You see, friends think I need more confidence in myself and my work, and sometimes I do, but they don’t have access to the jerk voice in my head.  The same guy who tells me if I’m having a cookie why not have eight?  What’s the harm??)

mango 2

Well. I’m not sure.

I find myself missing that smooth painting I started with.  And which of course doesn’t exist anymore.  This new one seems a little… hairy.

Ah nuts.

Well there you go.  I fessed up.

And you know what?  I think I’m going to paint it big now!  Huge!  Silly mango.


5 Responses to “Humph”

  1. jav3d

    Hey Jennifer, cheer up, thats an awesome mango! Yummy 😀
    BTW have you ever tried glossing fluid? That might give you the shine you want 😉

    • jennifertan47

      Thanks Javed. I keep replying and for some reason it doesn’t show so forgive me if I’m down to a short one now, or if all of a sudden there are a few replies to you! I haven’t tried glossing fluid but maybe that would help. I kept trying to use paint to paint the reflection and it didn’t look right at all. But I like wrangling with a painting a bit. I usually learn something.


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