Scout’s days

Scout's daysI have a soft spot for this painting.  It’s of the nicer cat, Scout, and she’s gifted at making herself sleek and graceful and paintable.  Look how she curled her tail around her ankle here.  Oh she’s good.  Sweet, loving, fun.  She’d be pretty much perfect if she didn’t take such delight in shredding couches.

I painted this at the very beginning of the summer, and stayed up late doing it.  One of those magical painting nights.  I was so scared wondering how to paint the shine on her.

It’s been hanging out at Lalli Loves It in Horseshoe Bay and today it went to live with a nice local couple who apparently had a very similar cat, called Alec I think.  Hope I got that right.  I just love hearing little snippets like that.  They’re my babies, you know.  So glad this one found a good home.

8 Responses to “Scout’s days”

    • jennifertan47

      Thank you! She’s a gorgeous and shiny and sleek like a seal, in that same funny way that a seal has of being sleek moving through the water but also realistically a little bit round. Scouty’s a little bit round. We both like our yogurt.

  1. Anonymous

    This is excellent, lovely to rest the eyes on the pure colours. Very good composed, Jennifer!
    I feel like picking her up and give her a cuddle.
    Love Dina

    • jennifertan47

      And that cat would actually let you do, that unlike the other one who might make you pay!
      Thanks Dina. You always say such nice things.
      Love Jennifer


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