My first sale

kangaYesterday I wrote that I had sold a painting of my cat, Scout.  My dad sent a picture reminding me of my first sale.  Also of a cat, Kanga.  Drawn and sold to him and pinned to his office wall when I was six.  I think it’s still there, which is AWESOME!  I charged him eight cents.

I still draw cats.

Want to hear one of my first purchases?  I spent 13 cents to buy a huge, huge wad of chewed gum from one of my older brothers.  Yes, chewed.  And so huge I couldn’t put it in my mouth.  Which frustrated me at the time but in retrospect…

What possessed me?

Or him??

(I’m sure that eight cents came in pretty useful when my parents were paying for my braces, piano lessons, university, and all round room, board and neverending kindness and support they’ve always supplied!)


6 Responses to “My first sale”

  1. jav3d

    What a sweet story 🙂

    Your dad was very wise to have kept that painting to this day! What a cherished memory it must be for both of you now.

  2. Anonymous

    Lovely story! 🙂 And such a cute Kitten. I
    I’ll have to shove this to Klausbernd. 🙂
    Then he’ll understand the bookfayries. Selma sells him her best works for the blog too. When she has been working hard and comes up with a good result, she sells it to him for fairydollars, she Is always short of pocketmoney….
    Have a great time time, Jennifer.

    • jennifertan47

      Dear Dina

      Thanks, I think I need a Selma too!!! Much more helpful than brothers!
      I drooled over your library photos last night, Dina. I think when you go into a space like that your head must calm and you must feel like pleasantly small, like I do when I look at the waves. I’ve enjoyed your series of Grand libraries so much.
      Love Jennifer

  3. kbvollmarblog

    I like your story 🙂 It made me smile.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I sold my first kind of short story to my mother when I was ten. I seemes to me that we need this recognition of our work. And the “real” recognition is given by paying in the world of adulds.
    Have a great day and big sales 😉

    • jennifertan47

      Thanks Klausbernd. Our parents start us on our way in so many ways. Brothers muddy the waters somewhat. 🙂
      You have a good day too. it sounds like you’re ready to move on from libraries but I enjoyed your posts on them so much!


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