Morning reminder

photo (4)I’ve tried staying up late at night painting and when it’s right it’s RIGHT.  Peaceful and rewarding and just a little rebellious.  (Not a big rebel here.)

The other morning I tried early morning painting.  And it was ….weird.  But sort of good weird.

I was trying to get a few little paintings done for Lalli Loves It but was on the run with other things all day.  Went to a school Christmas concert in the evening –wow, was it good, in high school you don’t see the little ones dressed like snowflakes anymore but you do hear some amazing music being made — and by the time I straggled in from that my painting energy was gone, gone, gone.  I convinced myself that if I got up early, really early, I’d be raring to go and it would be fabulous!  So fabulous!!  I woke up early, really, really early, so early that there was no way I was going to get out of that warm bed and down into a cool house.  Humph.  So I rolled over and tried again a few hours later, still dark and still cool but a teensy bit saner.  And it was wonderful painting then.  I’m still shocked that I liked it.

These were fun.  Just a nice time moving paint around, not trying to think too hard, just enjoying.   And like always happens it of course got me thinking hard.  Or not too hard because it’s actually pretty simple:  It’s all about love, isn’t it?

I’m having a confounding time lately, trying to figure out a bunch of things, some not too pressing and that I have the luxury of time to think around and tease apart and philosophize over.  Some a bit overwhelming but ultimately all good, just an exercise in deciding what needs to be done when.  Other stuff closer to home and more pressing and a bit upsetting.  Sometimes a lot upsetting.  But sitting there in my light cocoon, slapping and smearing around the lighter background colours, looking for textures and patterns, and then diving in and rolling around in those goopy shiny crimsons and scarlets and quinacrodones,  the voice in my head told me to not get distracted with the little stuff.  It’s all about love. Sounds sucky but it’s true.  Find the right place for the daily frustrations and challenges and confusions and of course try to figure them out in some form, but don’t lose track of the main thing, because that main thing is what will see you through.  Take a breath, feel yourself settle, and then just let yourself feel that love.  I’m very grateful to these funny simple hearts.

8 Responses to “Morning reminder”

    • jennifertan47

      I completely agree. I find hearts all around me in nature, often rocks but sometimes shadows and patches of light or water. Always makes me smile.


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