Icy dancing


Isn’t this magical?  Can’t you imagine those top ones dancing away on their own?

Dancing flakes are very, very close to my heart (she says as she cranks the tunes and gets up from her chair).

Do you know what else makes me want to dance?  My friend Miz M!  In the depths of miserable winter cold –a cold that has invaded her, not just the cold outside — she updated the gallery part of my site and added in all the paintings I’ve done over the last months.  Truly, she rocks. And having been to concerts with her, she also dances!

Especially appreciated right now as it’s a bit tough to do a blog about my journey in painting when I’m not finding much time for painting.  And when I do…um…. let’s just say there’s a lot of learning going on!  Stinkers abound, I’m afraid.

That’s OK. I’m staying positive.  I am learning, and I’m certain that it’s all organizing itself in my head and one day ….. hopefully really really soon, sigh ….. it’s going to come out in a shockingly fabulous painting! I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, can you ever go wrong with cat pictures on the internet? Really?  I had no idea.

Well here’s one more.  Our well balanced cat in her corner pad, set up with photos of those closest to her heart, a touch of the arts, some workout equipment,  a window to keep an eye on the critters outside, and a place to retreat into and sleep it off when the richness of life exhausts.  Good digs.

photo (3)


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