Scouty and her handler

photo (4)

Way too long since I picked up a brush so I did today.  Still in the early stages, avoiding those hands  — I find hands so hard!!–  but it’s coming I think.  I think it actually looks quite a lot like Scouty’s handler.

So nice to dip into the paint again.


12 Responses to “Scouty and her handler”

  1. Anonymous

    Hair is so hard to paint too and it looks like you have a great handle on that. It is beautiful. And you have really captured the emotion as well.

    • jennifertan47

      Hello someone! Thank you so much!! I’m starting to learn how to paint what I see instead of what I think I see, and boy is that critical on faces. One little smear and it looks like someone completely different.

  2. Dina

    Hi Jennifer,
    it’s so good to see you’re back painting and blogging. The hands looks perfect to me, I can imagíne hands are the hard part. A famous norwegian painter lost his even more famous customer because the latter was unsatisfied with the hands on the painting, it went through all the newspapers and ended up in court. You have nothing to worry about here, it’s a beatuiful piece of art.
    Have a great weekend, take care.

    • jennifertan47

      Hi Dina!
      Yes, I’ve been behind in everything lately! Thank you for your nice words and my painting subject is my youngest so hopefully lawsuits can be avoided! I think I have some powerful negotiating tools available, such as rides and dinners! Wish me luck with those hands though. It starts to feel like a puzzle to me, trying to figure out what finger goes where.
      So nice to hear from you! Have a good weekend too.
      Love Jennifer


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