Happy as that guy


As if it isn’t enough to be sitting on an amazing beach, that speck on the horizon is a humpback whale pulling itself out of the sea.  Huge splash coming.

We’ve pulled up stakes and headed to Maui to let it all go for a bit.  For a beach girl like me I can’t stop grinning.  I have funny white lines at the corners of and under my eyes from smiling nonstop in the sun.  My bottom lip is all puffed up from so much swimming in the salty ocean and, again, sticking it out under that hot sun when I grin.  Not a pretty sight perhaps but still all good. All really good.

When I swim underwater sometimes I can hear this guy and all of his family and friends.  That spooky haunting song.  That makes me so happy I could forget to come back up!

I felt the gaze of a giant sea turtle on me while snorkelling the other day.  We had almost swum right into him before we saw him, and were trying to back away in case he didn’t like us so near, but he just circled around, sort of came towards us, and checked us out while shrugging off little black fish who were trying to nibble at is neck.  All in slow underwater motion.  So peaceful.

We looked down on a beautiful little grey octopus swirling and swishing along the bottom one day.  A fish was nosing around him and he kept stopping and waving his arms around, changing colours.  Once he pulled his arms in and made himself into a circle and then puffed up.  I may not speak the underwater language (but I’m working on it) but that was as clear a “back off buddy” sign as I’ve seen.

And the whales.  They puff, and breach, and slap their fins and tails, and sing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The splash.

Future paintings being played with in my head.  Heading to the beach.  So happy.


9 Responses to “Happy as that guy”

  1. kellisamson

    Gorgeous shots!! I am so glad you are taking a vacation and warming your bones. Snorkeling is the best. I love your descriptions of your white lines and puffy lip — that’s someone having fun!

      • kellisamson

        Kihei (Maui) is our usual get-away spot. I am a fan of snorkeling on the sides of Kam 2 Beach. But I am a scaredy-cat snorkeler :).

        • jennifertan47

          We’re staying across from Kam 3 and hanging out at Kam 2! Have snorkeled there and a few other spots and this morning will try early morning snorkeling and see if it’s as good as they say. Nice times. You must love coming here.

          • kellisamson

            Yay! We’ve been to the same beach – how fun! Sometimes it gets too windy for good snorkeling in the afternoon. We’ve always found 8 or 9 am to be the best time at Kam 2. Good luck! Local Boys Shave Ice up the road at the little open-air market with the koi pond in back is the best, just so you know :). I am living vicariously through you! Enjoy, enjoy.

          • jennifertan47

            I have big intentions to discover all of the beaches but the pull of Kam 2 is proving too great most days! Thanks for the shaved ice tip! Live vicariously through me all you want because I’ll be doing the same when it’s your trip here! 🙂 Gorgeous place!

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