Wailea water

photo (4)

Missing this water.  I’ll stick in the photo of the real thing at the end so you can see I’m not making that colour up.

This isn’t finished (as is my norm) but I made a few hours on the weekend and I’m hungry to get back.  What I really loved about working on this painting was that it was one of the very first times I felt like I was really looking at and seeing what was going on there, instead of painting what I thought was going on.  I think I’m getting better at that but this time I really focused in and man, is water ever cool.  What I thought was a big streak of white wave has all sorts of stuff going on in there.

So I want to get back and refine a bunch, go back into the far water and start exploring it more, and I’m also trying to think about how I make it my own.  I want to refine and add some more delicate touches around the waves, and also make the distant water look more distant (I don’t want to think about how distant that water is!  Sigh) but I want to figure out how to keep the energy of this rough stage too.

When I was looking at the real thing I couldn’t believe the colours.  It was so loud there from the waves crashing, the air was so warm, and I had sand stuck all over me.  My hair was wild with salt and sea water and about four shades lighter than usual.  It was a good spot.

Boy did it feel good painting again.



7 Responses to “Wailea water”

  1. Katie Phillips

    This is looking nice! I’ve tried a painting of ocean waves before and it went nowhere fast 🙂 Great job and beautiful colors!

  2. SnowfoxBandit

    Breathtaking!! Those colors are absolutely stunning. I LOVE the water, don’t you? Beautiful painting, in progress or not 🙂

  3. kellisamson

    All I need is a book, and I could just stare at your painting and be there! Did you go to the Shops at Wailea while you were there?

    • jennifertan47

      Thank you! I miss it. My daughter just started watching Lost, filmed in Hawaii, and I stare at the water.
      No I’m a beach bum, but my youngest and oldest are shoppers and hit them, and I believe I had a chai from there! (Brought to me at the beach of course!)

  4. Dina

    Wow, this a great, I love this impression! Such a beautiful painting, Jennifer. It looks almost like here in Cley next the Sea in Norfolk, UK. 🙂

    • jennifertan47

      This water was probably warmer. 🙂 Missing it big time!!!!! It will be a while before I can get in the water here. Thanks Dina. I love the name of where you are!


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