This was inspired by a bunch of cornflowers that my mom brought me a few years ago.  They were such an intense blue it felt like my eyes were seeing them wrong.  I toned them down a little bit for the painting because I think they would have looked fake and badly painted so bright.  Isn’t that strange?  The eye is such a funny thing.  And the brain.

This painting is quite big, 24″ by 24″, and is quite yummy that big.  I think it’s going to go and hang out at Lalli Loves It in Horseshoe Bay.


13 Responses to “Blue”

  1. Dina

    It’s gorgeous, Jennifer. I love cornflowers, the sparkling blue color is so intense, you’re right; so intense, It’s sometimes looks “photoshoped”. Big hug to you from the cold and windy coast of Norfolk from Klausbend and me. Fairyhappygreetings from Siri and Selma. 🙂

  2. shielingfarm

    There was a Microsoft video ad at the end of this post. I looked at the post via my iPhone ???? That painting is stunning. You have come SO far just since I have known you. A big WOW!!!

    We are struggling right now. Geoffs mom was diagnosed with stage 1lung cancer and the chemo treatments are killing her. She will pass this evening. I came he to relieve my sister from taking care of ally animals. And am in bed really sick. Not sure what got me. Something in hospital for two days I am sure. Geoff stayed of course with his mother. She is about a 4 hour drive from here. Say a prayer for peace for all involved. Will talk soon. Peace. Karen. Sent from my iPhone

    • jennifertan47

      Oh Karen, I’m so sorry for all of it. I’ll send you a note later and you’ll all be in my thoughts. “A prayer for peace for all involved” is such a good way to express it. Hang in, my friend.

  3. Katie Phillips

    Great work! I especially love the detail of the stems and the reflection of them in the glass vase. Very appropriate for Spring!


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