Deep thoughts (not so much)

photo 7

Although I’m no stranger to deep thoughts (everyone who knows me, you can stop rolling your eyes now), sometimes I feel like I should be moved to deep thoughts by all of the sights around me.  Metaphors and similes should be a constant stream in my head.

These posts above must have had a job to do for a long time.  They stood solid through Squamish’s  vicious arctic outflow winds in the winters, through heavy downpours, freezing snow and baking sun, supported huge weights, provided access.  Eventually they were replaced and retired,  and industry moved on and over to the left.  And still they stand.

My thoughts on seeing them:  “Oh man, look at the colour of the water behind them!! Those would be great to paint.”

This kiteboarder let himself take a risk and go for it and was rewarded by the skill to fly back and forth across the water and way high up in the air.  Way way high up in the air.  So high I thought I was seeing it wrong the first time.  He turned a cool windy spot into an opportunity,  was brave and persevered in what I think must be a tough and scary sport to learn, and got to fly because of it.  Lots of good stuff in there.

My thoughts: “Oh that is way cool.”photo 9

And this guy.  Whoa.   Huge.  I think I should be taken by the fact that it was all over for him, he was cut down,  the majority of him sent to the mill and turned into boards, and the rest of him washed out and into the Sound.  All done.  Gone from his forest.

But look at him!  He’s magnificent! And he’ll ride out the rest of his days (years, decades…) floating around in the water, and resting on the beach.  Maybe climbed on.  Photos framed through his rooty bits.

My thoughts, to clarify:  “Lucky bum.  Gets to live at the beach.”    photo 6

That’s OK.  I got to spend a windy afternoon there, exploring a new beach with this guy (Hey Trev!).photo[5]

And this guy (Hey Jasper).photo 10

It was a good one.


10 Responses to “Deep thoughts (not so much)”

  1. kbvollmarblog

    What a lovely post.
    Well, every artist needs to become aware of that constant stream of consciousness producing metaphores and symbols. I know that as a writer too.
    Have a happy weekend


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