Jasper waits


“Come on, come on, come on.  Throw the stick,  throw the stick…

Throw the stick.  Oh come on, throw the stick…

Throw the stick…

Oh come on.”


6 Responses to “Jasper waits”

  1. SnowfoxBandit

    I LOVE this!! If it’s ever for sale, please let me know — though I can’t see how you’d ever want to part with it. 😀

    • jennifertan47

      Wow did you ever make my day. Thank you. I think Jasper’s ‘dad’ might get this one. We had the nicest afternoon out in the sun that day. Has stuck in my mind.
      I was thinking about you the other day. You must be almost there!

    • jennifertan47

      Hi Dina,
      Nope, I just got to hang out with Jasper for an afternoon but he’s a delight. And he loved that beach. Me too!
      Hugs back!

  2. kellisamson

    He looks like my in-law’s dog, who died the other night after a very long life. I’m with the first person who commented – let us know if you’re going to sell it!

    • jennifertan47

      I’m so sorry about their dog. They must be missing him/her so much. Thank you about the painting. I had a lot of fun painting this one. Jasper has such an expressive way about him I think I’m going to request another photo shoot! Great dog.


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