Lake boys


This one was scary!  A commission.

I might have had a bit of a panic attack in the middle.

But challenges are good right? And mom and dad were happy with the result.  And so were the boys, who are now big guys.

Whew.  Breathe out.

It was so nice to have a long weekend here.  It’s amazing how an extra two days felt like such a good break.  I found some nice time with each of my kids and regrouped a little for the final push.  The end of the school year is near.  Big sloppy grin.


7 Responses to “Lake boys”

  1. Dina

    Gosh, this is wonderful! The boys are so cute, I’d kidnap them out of the painting, so real. Great job, Jennifer, I’m sure the parents were thrilled with the result.
    Greetings to you from Norway

    • jennifertan47

      Thanks Dina, that’s so nice to hear. You’re always so encouraging.
      Gray and damp here for the week looks like. Summer is coy and fickle, and a great big tease!

  2. Anonymous

    I am repeatedly amazed at how well you capture figures in your art. Your proportions are perfect and personalities can be seen. I am sure the parents are excited. Miss you.

    • jennifertan47

      Hello mystery girl! Thanks Karen. I appreciate your eyes so much. The mom chuckled when we picked the picture to work from because it showed the kids’ personalities how they’ve continued now, about ten or eleven years later, with the little one being the take charge, I’ll hold the fishing rod sort, and the elder coming along beside in a supporting role. And I miss you!!!


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