Change of pace

photo (3)

I stayed up late making this last night.  Isn’t it fun?  I learned so much doing it that when I finished it at midnight I wanted to start another but I made myself not.  I’m hoping my youngest will join me in some creating.  I’m actively suggesting both of us playing hooky and going on a  supply-gathering day, complete with sushi and good tunes.  Perhaps I’m not the very best mom?  To be fair, this girl is an ironman, I don’t think she’s missed a single day of school this year, and sometimes I need to make sure her free spirit ways can have their day too.

As in all things, I was influenced by the sea making this.  Particularly as the weather has been cold and wet and it seems like a million years, not just a few weeks, since I did this.  June (and this year May too it seems) is always a bit of a tease.  A grumpy tease.  A grumpy gatekeeper tease.  We know July will get here and be gorgeous.  There will be hot hot days where an evening swim is mandatory to get you through to sundown, even if you’ve swum earlier in the day already, and it’s as easy to wander into the water as into a warm shower.  But first we have to get through June.

June will give us glimpses.  Running out on errands without need of a coat.  Bright mornings before the rain starts, with the birds whooping it up.   The return of bats and bears and swallows, oh my.  But it will also  surprise us with huge drops of rain dripping onto our foreheads, puddle-wet feet sliding in flip flops, and worrying news from the damp local strawberry fields.

That’s OK.  It will get here, and I’ll get back down to visit my rock-clinging friends.  Until then I might make another bracelet or two.



6 Responses to “Change of pace”

  1. juliadziuba

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! I enjoyed your description of your inspirations. The piece really turned out great! Looking forward to seeing the next you create!

  2. Dina

    The bracelet is gorgeous, my favourite colors, but I must say, it looks like quite a bit of work! How long did it take you altogether? You’re so talented and working with such good spirits, Jennifer. Lucky children to have a Mum like you. I’d love to have a sister like you.
    Big hug! ♥

    • jennifertan47

      This was so so nice to read. Thank you!! The bracelet only took a couple of hours and it took me a bit to figure out how to start it so my next will be faster. The actual bead part went quite quickly and wasn’t as fiddly as I thought it would be. I thought I’d have to hold the leather strips very tight and need three more hands but it was very zen. Eager to see what my daughter comes up with if she makes one. She always puts her own spin on things.
      If we were sisters I think we’d hang out at the beach a lot and you could teach me how you take those beautiful pictures!
      You totally made me smile. Thanks!!
      Love Jennifer

      • Dina

        🙂 Then good luck with next one and lots of happy creative hours with your lovely daughter. Isn’t that nice to grow up in such an inspiring surroundings. It’d be great to see her work too!
        Love to you both! ♥

  3. kellisamson

    “Bats and bears and swallows, oh my” – love it. You described our June to a T. And you are the best mama. I hope you guys played hooky and made more gorgeous bracelets. I love it!


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