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Whew.  Not much time for painting or keeping up lately.  This weekend though was a long weekend, with Canada Day on Monday.  we had the first full burst of summer weather.  I got up and painted Saturday and Sunday morning, first time in weeks, and then I clued in that since Monday was a holiday I should take that!  Heck of a good concept. So another morning of painting.  It was beyond wonderful getting a change of scenery from the work I’ve been doing lately and my desk.  I love it but am having a time keeping up and am a little out of balance for now.  This weekend I put it all aside.  Late afternoons were spent at the beach and the first summer swimming happened, where you dip in and don’t get a cold-water headache.  It’s here!!  June was so cool and damp and grey that this feels like a bit of an abrupt change.  This was the first year I didn’t have kids in elementary school so maybe because of the lack of sports days and such I think  I haven’t quite got it that school is out.  Has actually been out a few weeks.  Why are those kids still in bed? Now with beach weather here I can feel myself starting to think hey.  Summer fruit is starting to hit the stands.  I hit the food store and got the makings for many light summery meals.  I’ve had a few days of getting up and putting a bikini on under shorts, ready for the late swim.  My summer schedule is to get up early early and work until early afternoon and then get a bunch of other stuff done but also hit that beach.  Fill up the beach meter to get me through the winter.  Last night I left my hot house and went back down for an evening swim but I jammed out.  I really hate having to write that.  Oh well.  Lots more opportunity coming.  Summer.  Yum.  My time of year for sure.

This was the only painting that got all the way to the end.  A sassy raven who somehow morphed into a crow as I painted him.  Sassy indeed.

So what do you think???

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