Image 7

Isn’t summer exquisite?

I’ve been working very hard lately, very little time for painting.

That’s OK.  My time will come.  Have been avoiding blogging here a bit as I am supposed to be a painter and that’s hard to blog when I am painting so little but I think I’m over that.  I write another blog that is about needlepoint, but I have a ton of fun writing about so many other things.  I like having a place to put photos of cool things I see, to write about things I’ve been thinking about or are making me laugh.  Why I love some colours so much and design with them all the time.

For some reason I got a bit intimidated over here at this blog, and thought if I didn’t have a painting to show I had better wait till I did.  Not having a new painting throws off the tags I use, and where the post shows up, and stuff like that.  The really important things in life.  Over that.  Over that, over that, over that. There’s a lot that goes on in my head before I pick up a paintbrush.  I want to have some fun with the colours and the things that inspire me and sometimes are just fun. The paintings will come.

So I’ve been getting up early early in the morning to get my work done so that when I get groggy and slow in the afternoon I can check out and head for the beach.  I am a beach girl through and through.  Think squirrel putting away nuts for the long winter ahead. A winter Jenn without enough waves and sun and sand and rocks and swimming stored away is not a pretty thing.  I need to have seen my colourful beach towels lying on the sand a bunch!  I need lots of opportunities to have memorized that feeling when I drag myself out of the water, feeling tired and cleansed and giggly.  Had chances to spit cherry pits into the water, and to marvel that a plain old granola bar eaten with my toes touching sand and the sun on my skin tastes better than almost anything. Image 41

Yesterday I worked later than usual and was squinting at my screen.  At that time the sun is coming straight in, into my eyes.  But I was really into something and thought I could get it done, even though I could hardly see the pictures I was working with.

And then this guy showed up.  This guy on the right.

“What are you doing still here?  It’s gorgeous. Get outta here!”

At first I thought this guy was a little freaky, but now I’m liking his style.  And I think he seems pretty smart, no?

When I’m at my beach I think about giant chopsticks.Image 1

And I play with rocks and feathers, and put together palettes I might use another day.  These ones were all golden in the late sun.Image 3

And it all makes me feel like this.Image 9

Which is a nice thing.


3 Responses to “Smart”

  1. clarajteixeira

    This really spoke to me today. I am struggling to find time with my 3 kids and a job. It is good to read stuff like this. Love your work too!

    • jennifertan47

      I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I was touched by your comment. It’s such a weird balance isn’t it? I’ve got three kids too although getting pretty grown up now, but I find I spend so much time looking around to see who is settled and who should possibly be on my radar and who I haven’t caught up with enough for a bit. A constantly changing mix but pretty great too. Love all the things they bring into my life now. Thanks so much for your note. Hope the struggle is an OK one today. Jennifer


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