Maui Hills and Humpback Whales

Image 4

Oh man I miss painting.

So I did a little.  Waiting for the right time doesn’t work, does it?

As things get darker and grayer around here with fall and winter finally settling in my thoughts and brush went to a hillside on Maui.

I painted it quickly and joyfully.

A funny thing happened about a month ago.  I’ve had Hawaii on my mind a lot, and have been looking for signs as to whether I should splurge and get my butt back there sometime!  On a day it was filling my thoughts I walked past my  window and scanned the water as I always do.  The things I see out there.

Image 3

There was a funny white mark on the water, different than I’d seen.  I squinted, trying to see if there was a little boat out there, when out of the water just in front of the mark rose a humpback whale!  It pulled itself out of the water and then with that classic humpback turn it twisted and fell back down, making a huge splash.  My mouth fell open.  I think I squeaked.

Twenty-six years with no whale spotting and within a month both a pod of orcas off the beach and now a humpback out in the Sound!

In an act of huge parental generosity I chose to call out to the only other one home, instead of standing there waiting for another sighting.  Now since I was actually brushing my teeth when I spotted it (I know.  Fun fact right?) the sounds coming out of my mouth were not at all close to the intended, “A whale, a whale, a whale!!!! Come see, come see!!!”  More like blub blub blub.  In an act of generosity of his own my boy ran upstairs to see what was exciting the mom.  We stood at the window together and saw another jump or two and then breath puffs and fins sticking up out of the water.  A show!  The best show.

I’ll let it go … I’ll try to let it go … that when I finally absolutely had to go and spit out my toothpaste the brat whale chose to do what was described to me as the very biggest breach of all.  Bigger than any we’d seen even in Hawaii. Humph.

Still.  It was magnificent seeing what I saw.

I honestly think it was one of the very best moments in my life.  Weird right?  It was just so unexpected and surreal and wonderful.  Like a gift.

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked out at that spot since.  No sign.  On with his travels I guess. Smart thing.  Still makes me smile every time I think about it.

Here’s a proper fun fact to make up for the lame toothbrushing-while-I-walk thing above.  Did you know that humpback whales are the only ones whose breath puffs can form the shape of a heart?

Is that not perfect???

And here’s the proof, sent to me along with that info by a dear fellow Hawaii- and whale-lover.  Thanks to her photographer sister-in-law with the perfect timing!  These whales were farther up the Coast of BC.  Would you look at that?


So the painting and life are both making me smile and reminisce.

The painting is up in Lalli Loves It in West Vancouver, the whale is jumping and delighting elsewhere, and I’m happy to have got my fingers all painty again.  More to come.


6 Responses to “Maui Hills and Humpback Whales”

  1. kellisamson

    Yay, yay, yay! Welcome back, you! I’ve missed you! So thrilled you got to see this beautiful act of nature. And what a gorgeous painting. I am thinking about Maui, too. My husband’s got a big birthday coming up at the end of the summer and is heading there for a week of diving with our brothers…jealous {of the location, not the diving at all!!!}. And I know these dark months are hard for us both. I’m working on a post to get us cozy. xo

    • jennifertan47

      Oh your lucky lucky husband!!
      I’ve missed you too, and I’m looking forward to that post. It’s just starting to feel a bit dark and gloomy isn’t it? We were so lucky with October this year, I feel like it gave us a leg up getting through winter but today noticed how dark it was at 4 in the afternoon. Blah! Xo to you my dear.


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