Next door

Image 9This is what I look out my window to see every morning in my neighbour’s backyard.

Image 10Yup.  Looks like a kangaroo to me too.

I live in Canada.  Not a lot of kangaroos.

Can’t tell you how much I love looking out and seeing this guy.  Very surreal and goofy.  Just how I like things!

This is a painting I was working on a week ago of someone else looking out the window.

Image 7

I’m not sure it’s done.  I’ve fiddled with it a lot, and all of the surfaces around Scout have changed numerous times.

But I think what may be throwing me off is that this was inspired by a photo of Scout when she was little, and her lines are all different.  A little sleeker.  I know, Scouty.  I get it.  We both love our treats.Image 6


8 Responses to “Next door”

  1. occasionalartist

    Well you definitely need an Australian’s opinion on this one. Yep looks like a kangaroo to me, but could also be a long eared bunyip. They usually hang out at billabongs but your beautiful bay would suit them fine. Certainly a jaunty fellow to share your mornings with. Karen

    • jennifertan47

      I thought you were taking advantage of the Canadian girl but I googled and found that there is indeed, sort of, a long eared bunyip. I think this guy looks a bit hairier though. Man how cool to live somewhere where they name things bunyips and have to further specify long eared. Love it!

  2. shielingfarm

    I just love your Kangaroo and cat! And I especially love that you are blogging again! Is the kangaroo a recession within the rock or a discoloration on the rock? Cant tell. Isn’t life grand!


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