Some thoughts on water


Well I’ll show this painting again when I’ve finished it, for now I’ve sort of roughed out the surface the shell is sitting on and am figuring out how to add some punch, but I’ve been staring at it on my easel all week, wishing to get back to it!  Hankering for the water.

It’s a week of cold weather and frozen water here.  The good part is how beautiful this frozen water is.


The bad part is that this frozen water is in my eaves trough.

Image 3

Still wild and beautiful.  Like a magical world of silver trees and bubbling metals.

Image 2

But frozen water of the non saltwater persuasion. Not my usual choice.  So when I had used up my concentration at my desk yesterday afternoon I headed down to the beach for a bit.  I’m really trying to make a point of doing that this year.  Fresh air sets so many things right, and on a sunny day I feel like a dog needing a walk.

It was mostly empty at the beach except for the regular sunbathers.


Actually to be accurate this would be the clothing shed by the sunbathers.  When I see these colours I think of how I’d love to have sheets and blankets that were the colours of this warm grey sand, white, and the indigo of the mussels.  Someday I’ll make that happen.  I’ll throw in a gorgeous sea glass green pillow just to make me really think I’ve fallen asleep and become part of the sea.

When I work on my needlepoint designs at Pippin I almost always include a bright lime green colour.  I think I know why.


It looks so jewel-like.  When I do fall asleep and become part of the sea I’ll wear a dress this colour I think, and it will shimmer just like this.

My beach gets a lot of love from me.

And sometimes it sends a little bit back.


And sometimes it takes my breath away.


4 Responses to “Some thoughts on water”

  1. occasionalartist

    The view of your beach always takes my breath away. It is just so beautiful, I wonder you get anything done with that view to draw your eyes too. Adore your beach colours, I love the beach in winter.

    • jennifertan47

      This is my first winter in almost 10 that I’m determined to get down to that beach in the winter. Usually we part ways and rediscover each other late spring. Not good enough! We’ve had a sunny winter so far so I’ve been able to follow through and it’s been delightful. Instant perk-up.
      Oh but I am thinking of you in summer, lucky thing.

  2. kellisamson

    This reminds me of why my will states that a lot of my ashes are going into Puget Sound {shhh! I’m sure it’s illegal!}. I love the idea of bedding the color of all those mussels and all that sand – say Merry Christmas to yourself and make it happen! We must’ve been mermaids in another life.


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