Fish problems

Image 14

Hmmmm.  Been a while.

(Just jump in Jenn.)

Happy new-year-a-while-ago.  Hope it was a good time and 2014 is treating you well.

I had a restful break, just what was wished for, and then sort of a busy jumping back in time.  My little needlepoint business is sort of turning into a beast!  A good beast.

I did some painting before Christmas.  A bunch of things in progress as always, but I had to finish this one.  It was a present.  Do you know why I absolutely had to finish it?  Because it was a present from last Christmas.  My poor sister-in-law was supposed to get a painting last year and I choked.  Worked on a painting of my boots that just never quite took off.  Tried again through the year.  Still not happening.  Finally very very close to Christmas I realized I needed to move on.  Boots wasn’t where it was at.  Fish called.  (Although not really because come on, how would they hold the phone??)

I’ve painted these guys a few other times and think I could do them a few more.  They always go in a slightly different direction.  These ones right here kept me sane in the days before Christmas, when I could avoid the craziness just a little because, you know, I had to get this done.  Because I’m diligent that way.

The photo is blurry because I believe it was taken very very late, when it was very very dark, and my eyes were very very crossed. But boy I loved working on it.

Fish are so beautiful.  I saw these great big ones at the food store the other day.  I wish the photo really showed their size! Big spring salmon. I bet this one was at least two and a half feet, even after losing its head like that.  photo 1

The man behind the counter gave me a sweet fresh prawn to eat (it used to be cookies at the bakery counter, right?), and I could see he tried not to snort when I asked if I could take a picture of his fish.  He really did try.

photo 2

I got lost in those colours on this one’s side for a bit. All those blues and greens. I guess if I was a salmon I would swim in circles because I’d always be turning my head back to admire my sides.

Fish problems.


11 Responses to “Fish problems”

    • jennifertan47

      Belated thanks Snow bandit. I thought I was back on the blog train but I fell of again. Hope you’re doing well. Will have to see if you’ve been writing and see what’s new with you! The not a student anymore you!

  1. kellisamson

    I’ve so missed you! I was just thinking last night it was time to message you to see how you were. And here you are. Such a nice start to my week to see one of your paintings and hear you’re doing well. xo

    • jennifertan47

      Hello miss. Technology and I have been staring at each other suspiciously for the last while. It was nice to go away and then want to come back. Hope all is well with you. See your instagram posts sometimes. Life looks good! xo

      • kellisamson

        I should take a cue from you. That sounds pretty heavenly to take a break from technology. Glad to see you again, though!

        • jennifertan47

          Thanks. I’ve been stinking busy too so mostly I’m trying to not feel bad at finding my own timing on things. We waste so much energy feeling bad about things!! My words for this year are silly and chill. I’m trying!! 🙂


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