Dog in the window


I first saw this guy –no, not that creepy guy in the back, the cutie closer up– in the food store parking lot way back in January or so, when windows were still grimy with salt and winter.  I was taken by the way he owned the passenger seat and was comfortable with his drool.

Thought I was seeing another beautiful boy a month or so later when it hit me that he was very familiar.  Especially in the drool department.  It was that guy!  Again that guy!!

photo 1

This time it was warmer and the windows were cleaner and reflected a creepy woman in front, and I had time to note that he was sitting in the passenger seat of an especially cool and clean little Mini.  The fancy model.  This car was so slick! So now I really want to meet the owner who is cool enough to let this great big friend with perpetual spit jewelry hanging down from his jowls take over his front seat.  Although why wouldn’t he?  Look at this amazing dog.  He has more dignity in one of his drool ropes than I could muster if I was wearing a tiara.  He never took his eyes off the door of the store.  So maybe they both know they have a good thing?

I haven’t seen him since but I did see this nutty threesome down in Washington State.   The third one is a bit tough to see as he has decided he’s over it and lying down in the passenger seat, and the one in the back seat is pretty bummed that once again his call to ride shotgun has been ignored.  “Those guys, grumble, grumble…”  But look at that driver.  Oh my goodness.  The ears!  I think he might be part dog and part gremlin.  Maybe a little bat too. And he was looking at me!!  I think he might even have been looking at me somewhat saucily. Oh my.  This guy is swoon worthy. I’m going to say it right here: I would follow this guy to the ends of the earth.  My drooly love above is magnificent but I think his heart is already taken, his dance card filled, his driver’s seat spoken for.  Stings a little but this guy here could help me get over it.  He looks like he would be fun to hang out with.

And he drives a convertible.

photo 1

All this dog lusting has made me paint one.

photo 3


6 Responses to “Dog in the window”

  1. occasionalartist

    I used to own a Great Dane who could drool like that, the family learned to duck whenever she shook her head, especially in the car, as you could end up being bedecked with one of those glistening ropes. You really found out who the dog lovers were. She went everywhere with me in the back of the golf and her favourite trick was to stick her head out and bark at passing cyclists, I think she may have given a few heart failure, but it was always fun. Karen

    • jennifertan47

      That is true love for sure! And in a Golf???? You are a glutton for punishment!
      When I was looking at your dog walk map I was remembering having a lab years ago, and my husband and I would be working our way up a steep steep forest trail, I would be puffing like a train, and dear old Jeremy would be running ahead and back to check on us, travelling many more, and staring down at us with a confused look at what could possibly be taking so long.

  2. kellisamson

    I’ve missed you! I seriously was going to email you this weekend to see how you’ve been. That dog is gorgeous, and you are so very talented, dearie. xo


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